How To Choose A Big Sex Toy

How To Choose A Big Sex Toy

Choosing A Big Sex Toy – Uses And Guide

If you love sex toys,  choosing A Big Sex Toy may be a daunting tasks that you will go through. Especially if your love is for big sex toys or you have been using medium size toys, and you want to try larger ones. A big sex toy will come with more pleasure, and if you’re going to try one and, for you to enjoy as you expect, you need to choose the right toy. There are many large sex toys with different sizes and designs. With some tips, when you go shopping for a sex toy, things won’t be confusing to you, and you will be sure of getting the pleasure you need. So how do you choose the right big sex toy?

A Big Sex Toy
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Know your limits

Big sex toys will have different sizes, and its good for you to know your limit before buying any toy. A sex toy that is too big for you will be uncomfortable as you will experience pain instead of a pleasurable sensation when you insert it. The best idea is to start small and try big ones as you get used to large sex toys. 1.5 inches’ diameter is the best starting point for many newbies, but in case you feel that this is too small for you, just try a larger one. But don’t extend your limits to avoid harming your body and to make it more pleasurable you can buy a bullet vibrator and add it to the base of the toy.

Go for tapering sex toys.

Tapering sex toys are the ones with a small diameter at the top and a large diameter in the base. This makes your body to stretch gradually as you experience an arousing sensation. These types of toys will also be easier to insert, and they will make it easier for your body to adopt large toys without injury.

Get vibrating dildos

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Although big dildos will be pleasurable when a vibrating feature is added, they become more pleasurable. You can shop around and make sure the one you get is vibrating. But this may be a challenge as many dildos of this kind will not have vibrating features. But all is not gone, if you are unable to get one, you can buy a vibrator and add it to the base of the toy. This will vibrate the whole toy making your session enjoyable.

Choose your best design.

Big sex toys ought to be the Center of all creativity. When it comes to medium size and small dildos, manufacturers will not offer many designs, but with giant toys, you will get all kinds of designs. Here you will get the best sex toy with a shape of a light bulb, grenade, and many other forms that will be interesting. When you go shopping, chose then one with a shape that you will enjoy for a long time without the thought of changing your dildo. Some manufacturers will also customize a sex toy to meet your required design. If you don’t get the shape you want, just place an order.

Choose inflatable sex toys

Not every day, you will want a big sex toy. There are days when you will need a smaller size, and this is where inflatable dildos become helpful. Again if you are a starter, you will not have to buy many different sizes as you will need a bigger one every day. You will be just inflating your sex toy to a larger size as you get used to the toy. You will also be able to enjoy a different sensation by inflating the toy when inserted into your body.

Vibrating Sex Toys

Think about safety

Big sex toys tend to be riskier than smaller ones. When dealing with these dildos, always ensure you put safety first regardless of whether you are doing virginal or anal. The first safety measure is to have a dildo with a flared base so that it becomes easy to remove it from your body. Another safety measure is to have the right lubricant. Avoid numb lubricants as they will reduce the sensation hence less pleasure. A numb lubricant will also kill your senses, and even when you are going beyond the limit, you won’t know. You might be surprised by blood on your body.

When shopping for a big sex toy, you should be very careful. Consider safety, your limits, and your experience with toys. Don’t be shy about asking for help.

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