Inflatable Dildo

Inflatable Sex Toy Suggestions

Inflatable Sex Toy Suggestions and Recommendations

An Inflatable Sex toy is the kind of toys that are fantastic for stretching, in light of the fact that you are not restricted to the thicknesses given to you by the toy makers. You have the benefit of inflating the toy to pretty much whatever size you want – whenever you want. So if your body can’t handle the max output of the toy that day, you don’t necessarily need to pump it up as much.

As with going to the gym your body can only take so much on certain days, so rather than being in a position to strain your body you can simply take a slightly easier approach without necessarily having a multitude of toys that you need to do the job. You can change inflatable toys to any size to continuously expand your ability to take larger toys. We do recommend a water based lubricant when using these kinds of toys, as a lot of other lubricants can damage the material which inflates. Inflatable pumps generally have two parts.

The Pump

The first part is the actual toy; the second part is the pump. It’s generally a small globule which you squeeze, with each squeeze it pumps air into the toy. If you decide to get an inflatable dildo or toy, give it a test run first, see how far it inflates and measure each squeeze. How many squeezes can the toy take? It will also have a safety button slash valve.

Now, here’s the kicker. Not all the toys necessarily have to be inflated with air – there are some rare kinds out there which you can also fill up with water (warming or cooling) for a truly sensational experience. There are generally three types of inflatables.

Inflatable Sex Toy Suggestions

Butt Plugs

Inflatable Sex Toy
Inflatable sex toy

The inflatable colt butt plugs are some of the best inflatable plugs around. The benefit of an inflatable butt plug is that you can insert it in when it’s small and then pump it up when its inside. The point which expands is the tip of the plug. Therefore it’s of no real use in stretching the sphincter muscles. It does however, protect the sphincter muscles from being stretched if you’re too sore that day, don’t feel like stretching, or simply want something new to try. For girls, this will place pressure on the vaginal walls and increase the tightness of vaginal sex.

For boys (and girls), this will mean that every part of the anal wall will have some pressure against it, it will feel fulfilling and give you a very unique, and interesting sensation! You can clearly see the three main parts of the inflatable in the below picture. The only cumbersome thing regarding inflatables is the fact that they do have cords sticking out of them, as such they can be a bit tricky and not very smooth to use in the ehat of the moment. As mentioned, the tip of the butt plug will be the only thing that expands, and not the neck of the plug. Ensure that you keep this in mind to make sure you’re getting the toy that fits your needs. For the truly unique experience, you can get an inflatable dildo with an inflatable  butt plug all in one and the girls can pump up everything at the same time


Inflatable Dildo

Dildos can be used two ways; as expanding toys for the ass or vagina for the feeling of fullness, or specifically used to increase the capacity of the muscles and actively stretch them. Inflatable dildos are dick shaped, may or may not come with balls and can also come with suction cups. Inflatable dildos will expand exponentially all along the length of the shaft rather than just the tip of the toy.

They can then either be pushed in and out to mimic sex, or simply held there to stretch the muscles. Inflatable dildos can be used vaginally or anally, and again it is recommended that a water based lubricant be used. These dildos can come in standard dick sizes, all the way up to the stretching enthusiast for some extreme stretching or play. If you wanted to insert water into some of these not only would you get some interesting sensations from thrusting it around, but you could very easily warm up the body by using warm water, or even cool water.

Inflatable Leviathan

Inflatable Leviathan

Like big things? Like bigger things? Like those things to be big and black? Ladies and gentlemen, look no further than the Master Series Black Leviathan. As the tag line for this toy states – if grandiose and intimidating is your thing, then look no further. This mega dong is a massive fourteen inches long and has incredible textures and sensations. It’s also a pump up/ inflatable dildo which can stretch to a massive 4 inches wide when fully inflated. So, why would anyone need such a massive toy?

This toy is perfect for stretching and practicing some hard-core dildo action. The only thing this is lacking is some vibrations; at the very least the vibrations could form a small distraction when trying to insert this. What makes this a little easier to insert than some of the other ones its firm core – it has a solid firm core on it that makes insertion (when you can fit it) a breeze. Rather than trying to fumble through and push a deflate button, this has the unique ability that it deflates when you turn the base. For something like this you’ll need a considerable amount of lubricant. Whatever you’re using, double it because you’ll need it

Vibrating Inflatables

Vibrating Inflatables Dildo

Now imagine all the benefits of everything above. The sensation of being fulfilled, every crevice of your ass or vagina being filled – now with added vibrations! These delightfully fun toys will vibrate, now the thin membrane that actually holds the air together will also hold and amplify vibrations really well. So these little things pack a lot of punch.Again the only concern here are the little cords that seem to magically appear from nowhere, but if you rest up, head back, insert and then pump up to your desired level and switch on the vibrations. Rest up and enjoy.

The vibrating inflatables don’t even need to be inserted to achieve the benefits of the vibrations, you could pump up your toy and use it as a body massager. The larger surface area of the toy could feel amazing on nipples, breasts, balls, inner thighs, and simply around the genital area.

Inflatable Electro Toy – Jopen Intensity

Inflatable Electro Toy - Jopen Intensity

The Jopen Intensity is intended to be a progressive and unique electro sex toy, where science and pleasure are joined. It’s intended to create a standout amongst the most pleasurable climaxes achievable, while in the meantime offering your pelvic floor muscles a shockingly decent workout. The toy is a blend of a rabbit vibrator, with an inflatable shaft, and two electro-boost plates. This makes it altogether different to the standard rabbit vibrator or electro-stim sex toy; truth be told, I don’t think I’ve gone over any typical sex toy that is joined with electro excitement – and I found the prospect to be both fun and full of curiosity.

Most people find themselves a little apprehensive around electro play but truth be told, it’s actually very safe and designed to create a workout for your pelvic floor muscles. The Intensity tries to frighten off these assumptions, simply by adding electro excitement to one of the most well known sex toys around, the rabbit. Further, Jopen understands that not all vaginas (or even asses) are made the same so they’ve included an inflatable shaft which not only gives a more filling sensation but also ensures that the electro pads can connect to the skin.


Having attempted numerous rabbit style vibrators before, I was interested to see how well I I’d cope with the Intensity. I discover the shape and the location of the clitoral stimulator on rabbit toys to be a bit hit and miss. Likewise, being a little knowledgeable about electro-jolt toys, I was thinking about how this would compare. I need to concede, I was excited at the possibility of attempting the Intensity, despite the fact that it reminded me of a hair straightener.

The thing that got me most amped up for the Intensity was the swelling capacity, the shaft was an inflatable dildo! For a considerable length of time I’ve needed to attempt an inflatable toy however haven’t possessed the capacity to, as they are by and large produced using materials containing latex; fortunately for me the Intensity is produced using silicone, and doesn’t contain any latex.

When I opened it up I was a little worried. The base unit is quite big in comparison to the insertable shaft, being 7 inches in length, while the pole is just 5 inches long. The control unit comprises of a manual pump, a valve for releasing the air, an on/off catch, and four extra catches, two for controlling the vibrations’ quality, and two controlling the power of the electro stimulation. The toy takes 4 AAA batteries, which are embedded into a chamber at the top of the unit. I do have little hands and at times the control unit was a little big for me to use.  Additionally, I feel that if the control unit was produced using an alternate material, or had an alternate shading, then this would’ve given the toy an all the more a stylish finish.


The vibrations delivered from the Intensity are generally calm, and the engines are quite smooth and not at all rumbly and overly intense as other vibrators. At the point when using the Intensity, it’s recommended that you insert it while the pole is deflated and switched off. Before insertion you will need to apply the electro gel to the metal plates, as this will help make the electro stimulation feel more pleasurable. Once insert the toy felt a ton more pleasurable than I expected – considering its shape and size, and the control unit didn’t appear as cumbersome as I had thought. It was still a little awkward, but it was something that could be easily overcome.

The Intensity is intended to work your kegels amid use, and help enhance your pelvic floor muscles. The electro pads are designed to send pulses to your kegal muscles, essentially forcing them to contract without much effort or thought. This is essentially your daily exercise taken care of in a fun and exciting manner. The inflatable shaft not only ensures direct electrical contact but also that the dildo becomes fulfilling.


One of the only downsides to this toy is the method for cleaning it. Because of its wide variety of functions it can be a little difficult to clean. Cleaning this toy isn’t as simple as some. It’s not waterproof so it can’t just be dunked underneath water, and because of its inflatable shaft, soil can easily get to be caught on the shaft. At the point when cleaning the toy I suggest you take out the batteries to start with.

Additionally, it’s most straightforward to clean it while it’s expanded. Blow up the toy, and use your standard antibacterial wash and water. Because of the toy’s massiveness it can be hard to wash in a little sink. Give careful consideration to the metal plates, as the electro gel is fairly sticky. A damp piece of cloth or sponge appears to work best to clean the control unit.

Inflatable Kegel Toys

Generally speaking, the Jopen Intensity is decent toy, yet like most toys it could do with a little work. I feel that if the toy’s vibrations were a little stronger, and the electro stimulation just a tad stronger, then it would be absolutely ideal for me. But, that’s just me and my preferences, I can see that for a lot of people that this toy would work wonders for not only their Kegels, but also as a vibrating inflatable toy. I did truly appreciate the inflatable shaft, and I wish more inflatable toys were produced using silicone.

Fundamentally, in the event that you are new to electro- stimulation, and appreciate vibrations that aren’t overly strong, then the Intensity may be ideal for you. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are searching for extreme vibrations and electro stimulation, you may discover the Intensity lacking.