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There are a lot of porn videos and tumblr websites out there that celebrate extreme sex acts like Anal Stretching, and there are some very niche markets in terms of porn content. Generally, if you’re after anything out there I would highly recommend Anything related to kink, you’ll be able to find there and gaping porn is actually one of their more popular searches. Yet, what is the appeal to gaping porn?

Whilst it’s not for everyone, those that enjoy it say that they love the look of an open ass. Being able to look at the work they have done, and see a gaping and pulsing ass looking back at them. Before you start freaking out or thinking, that’s really not my scene, just have a think about it. There’s a lot of people that like ass fucking that like anal play and gaping ass is merely just an extension of that.

As with most sexual acts there are varying degrees to its level of complexity, and gaping, whilst one of the more extreme forms of anal play is getting increasingly popular as the taboos of anal sex are broken down. Perhaps, arguably, part of the attraction to it, is that since birth we have been taught that anal sex is dirty, that anything to do with ass is not normal. But here’s the thing that is actually basic psychology, the more you forbid something, the more alluring and attractive it becomes to some people.

Anal Gaping

Whilst gaping can occur naturally i.e. from being pounded by a girthy dick or a girthy toy if you really want to have a gaping ass – you actually need to work for it. By having a look at some of the videos on and looking at their gaping videos, you can get an idea and feel of how it is done. However, I would like to point out that by looking at porn videos on you are only getting an idea of how it is done, and the videos are generally neglecting to demonstrate the work out before the scene, warming up and generally getting into a mindset of how to safely acquire a gaping asshole.

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Evil Angel Perv City DVD

By looking at one of the videos by Evil Angel, one of the more popular extreme sex porn studios out there, this one starring Brooke Logan and Mike Adriano – you can see a stretched ass and a pulsing asshole and it looks hot. One of the benefits to gaping is that you can easily take out what you’re using to fuck and ram it back in home with relative ease that is assuming that your bottom is used to it and that is certainly something that you’ll see in this video.

The ass is the centrepiece for the camera, the tunnel, the pulsing, gripping the sides and manually stretching it are the important aspects of this scene. In other scenes, people insert either toys, or liquids and then watch the bottom push it out with nothing but extreme muscle control. A worthy cause for some people and certainly a goal that a gaping couple can work towards. Alternatively, you can insert a girthy toy and this will place pressure on the vaginal walls and ensure a tighter fit for vaginal play. Both men, and women, sometimes like the aesthetic pleasure of a gaping ass.


For something like fisting, the fister derives his or her pleasure from the feeling of having their fist in someone’s ass, from the aesthetic pleasure of a fist inside someone, as well as the visible pleasure that the one being fisted displays. When you peruse some of the posts on you can see that there are many people that like gaping porn, but some of their comments relate to the difference between their partners gape and to the porn stars gape.

The thing with some of the girls (and boys) on or even the gaping specialty site, is that these people have been training with gaping for a while. You just need to remember that when you’re watching these videos, to not get disheartened as they seem so advanced.

To maintain that gape, they are constantly stretching, or using toys specifically for gaping, they can use stretchers in between scenes, plus they have learnt exactly how their body responds to gaping and have developed the ability to keep their ass open. I say this to keep the unrealistic expectations of viewing porn firmly entrenched in your mind, to achieve gaping to that level it requires patience, teamwork and constant stretching. The rewards of this however, can be seen when you take a step back, can look at a gaping asshole pulsing back at you. The slightly pink flesh visibly contracting and shaking with each touch and movement.

Gaping Ass

What can you do with a gaping ass? Well, you can finger it, blow gently on it, perform the deepest analingus that you have ever done/felt, or you can fuck the hell out it. From looking at these scenes, it is clear that it is not just men who enjoy gaping, whilst you can probably say that lesbian gaping scenes are geared for male viewers, there are ultimately going to be a diverse range of genders and sexualities that consume gaping porn.

So, you like gaping and you want gaping porn? We have compiled a list of the best gaping websites that we enjoy and hopefully you’ll have a better idea of where to search for gaping asshole porn to enjoy to your hearts content. We have compiled a list of both straight and gay gaping videos and we hope that you will enjoy them as much as we did searching for them. For research purposes of course.

Websites we feel can showcase some of the best scenes in gaping porn. However, let it be noted that all of the popular adult video websites will have a gaping section and will showcase heaps of videos for the gaping category. It should be noted that ill also have some gay gaping videos in them as well.



In terms of DVD’s Jules Jordan, Evil Angel, Swank are arguably some of the best gaping porn companies.  Evil Angel especially loves to specialise in anal gaping DVD’s and a lot of their scenes utilise extreme hard core sex acts. After watching some of these videos you can easily see the appeal and aesthetically pleasing nature of gaping assholes. Some people like tits, some people like vagina and some people like the gaping ass hole – at Evil Angel, they like everything.

The way it puckers up, the way it pulses and then the feeling of looking at that open hole and ramming a new toy down it, or your cock and feeling the muscles close in on it with pleasure. That’s why people like it. Jay Sin is the anal master of Evil Angel and his gape lover’s series is probably one of the best gape porn series I’ve ever seen. Whilst not every scene is assmazing there are always a solid scene or three on every DVD. Combine this with the outtakes, the cum scenes and the myriad of bonus features and you’ve got a solid series of outstanding pornography. Sex DVD

Gay Porn

For gay porn – I’d highly recommend the Treasure Island production company. These guys are flat out pig sexers and into hard core sex. It’s gritty, it’s filthy and it’s hot. If you like the back room of headquarters in Sydney you’re going to like this. If pig sex is your thing, if you like your men hardcore and built and into everything from cum drinking, facials, anal dribbling and sweet loose rosebud assholes then you’re going to enjoy this.


There are many tumblr websites. I particularly like tumblr websites because of the versatility and broad range of their subject matter. Whereas in DVD’s you’re limited to a particular style or theme, with tumblr you have people actively searching for the things that they like and reposting them.