Playing with Giant Sex Toys

Playing with Giant Sex Toys

Making and Use Of Giant Sex Toys

Giant sex toys are a bit of a novelty. Not all of us are into giant sex toys, but I have to admit that I like mine. When you are new to any kind of sex toy, you may just find yourself wondering how you are going to “handle” it. Also, are you going to enjoy it? So far, I have never met a woman who has not appreciated giant sex toys after she has been introduced to them.

How To Make The Most Out Of Giant Sex Toys

When you want to enjoy some quality time with any sex toy, giant or not, there are a few things you ought to know.

First of all, don’t try to rush it. Set aside some personal time, and really take your time. Get to know how your body feels – is it ready to play with that giant dildo you just bought? If you are worried about lubrication, there are plenty of good quality lubricators available. I always tell my girlfriends to invest in the best lubrication.

Giant Sex Toys
Hollow Dildo

To be on the safe side, always buy your lubrication from a recognized adult store, online sex toy retailer, or drugstore. This should ensure that you end up with a product that does the job. Also, don’t buy a gel or cream that contains estrogen. Hormone based creams can damage your new toy and even cause health problems for you.

When you think you are in a good place, go ahead and start playing with that “bad boy” slowly. Don’t force yourself as you are not going to enjoy the experience. It may even be a good idea to slowly work your way up to larger and giant sex toys.

Is It Safe To Use Giant Sex Toys In The Bath?

Mmmm, the jury is kind of out on this one. If you feel like indulging in play or masturbation when in the bath or shower, you need to make sure you have got the right sex toy for the occasion. Not all sex toys, including giant ones, are meant for use in hot water. Keep the packaging and read up on the safe use of your new best friend.

Playing with sex toys in the bath is okay. But, if you use a lot of perfumed bath gel or shower gel, you could risk upsetting the delicate PH balance in your hot little pussy when you introduce a sex toy. Bear that in mind before you start playing.

The sea or ocean is not the place to play with your sex toy unless it is made from stainless steel. Seawater easily damages metals and rubber.

Your Partner and Giant Sex Toys

Should you share your giant sex toys collection? Not all men like to use sex toys. Some say that introducing a sex toy means they have not done their job right. Be that as it may, it is best to try to figure out how your partner feels about sex toys.

There are different ways of dealing with the situation. A good idea is to let him do his best and then play with the toy yourself. Make it look sexy and he may just get turned on by it. Men often get seriously turned on when women play with sex toys and like to help out. You may have to teach how, however, that is all part of the fun.

alpha strap on dildo

But, don’t be offended if he says that it is not for him. After all, Rome was not built in a day – slowly does it. Who knows? You are probably the sexiest girl he has ever met.

If your giant sex toys happen to vibrate, they are often easier to introduce in couples’ play. Use your vibrating friend to massage him making sure you place extra emphasis on his dick and anal area. The prostate gland is close to the anus, and when this area is stimulated, men can achieve some amazing rip-roaring orgasms, Try it, what have you got to lose…

Whichever way you look at it, giant sex toys can deliver infinite pleasure. Once you get used to all of that extra girth, you probably will feel like spoiling yourself more often. Build up your own collection of giant sex toys. Yes, there will be some you will enjoy more than others, but I promise you that you will have a lot of fun checking them out.

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