Training To Use Larger Sex Toys

Training To Use Larger Sex Toys

 Larger Sex Toys Training Techniques

The female gender can admit to loving the fullness of a huge penis which is why Larger Sex Toys are in such demand. However, men have different shapes and sizes of penises. Some curved, some long, and others straight. It’s surprising how the vagina can expand to accommodate different penises. However, for the female genitalia to accommodate a monster penis, arousal remains the top-secret. Since women have different preferences for dicks, some may opt for toys.

Larger Sex Toys
Hoodlum dildo

Just like penises, sex toys come in different shapes, sizes, and textures. Most men and women who use sex toys prefer using either glass or silicone textures. Experimenting with toys is fun and increases sexual pleasure. You have to incorporate lots of lube in your exploration to avoid injuries. But, how about learning how to use larger sex toys? Here is a detailed guide.

Explore the vagina

Most people don’t understand the anatomy of the vagina. Vulvas appear in different shapes and sizes. However, the vaginal canal is similar in structure. The canal is composed of a muscular wall full of folds. When a woman gets aroused, the brain receives a stimulus that allows more blood flow into the vagina. With more blood flow, the vagina relaxes and can take in any size of a toy. Isn’t that amazing?

Take baby steps

If you want to try out larger sex toys, then you should have a range of toys in different sizes and widths. Even though you have experience using toys, the vagina needs practice. As such, start with smaller toys and continue increasing the size. Take some time with the little toys and increase in size gradually. All this time, make sure to listen to your body and feel what makes you comfortable. Stop when you cannot take in any more.

Use silicone toys

When you start experimenting with more massive sex toys, go for the silicone textured ones. The good thing about silicone dildos is that they’re softer and more comfortable to play with during sex. However, if you’re pleased with glass dildos, you can as well use them but carefully.

Use the correct lube

If you decide to go for bigger dildos, then you cannot afford to use spit as a lubricant. Sounds old school, right? Well, if you didn’t know, different lubricants work well with various toys. For instance, if you decide to use a silicone toy, then you ought to use a water-based lube and use it generously because it tends to dry out fast. If you use a glass textured toy, then opt for a silicone-based lube because it gives the toy a soft feeling making it easier for penetration.

Larger Sex Toys

Basic 8 Inch Dildo

Since you started with small toys, by now, you’re ready to take in bigger ones. If you’re daring enough, you could even try out curved ones because they hit the g-spot better. As you size up, you can expect that it won’t take a minute or two. As such, you should have ample time without any interruptions. Try each toy for a while before you can try another. The process could take you a whole evening so ensure you aren’t in a hurry to get done. The procedure applies even for butt plugs.

Try out different positions

There isn’t any standard method to experiment with larger sex toys. As you explore, you’ll find out that some positions feel more comfortable than others. Don’t shy from experimenting. You can try riding on it, lying on the bed, standing by the wall, squatting, or whatever suits you. Some dildos even have suction bases making them comfortable to use in any position.

Nurse the bruises

After exploring your sexual needs with a bigger toy than what you’re used to, you can expect some soreness or even injuries. Of course, it’s natural and acceptable but you should find a way for nursing yourself. Experts recommend taking a bath with warm water with some tonic oil added to it. The tonic oil works on the soreness and gives you some immediate relief.

A woman’s vaginal anatomy is such that she can take in even large penises and dildos as long as she’s well lubricated. However, experimenting with larger sex toys requires patience, training, and starting small. Also, ensure that after the training, you nurse any sores, if any.

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