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Why Stretching? And Stretching Tips

Basics of Gaping And Stretching Tips

Having the desire to stretch yourself and/or your partner can have a astonished response – so why not prepare yourself with Stretching Tips. By that I mean, how does one arrive at the point where they say

‘you know, I think I’d like my hole stretched’?

Well, it may begin with a fisting interest or it could be obsession play to be taken to the farthest reaches, or it may have started out as anal play and slowly expanded into bigger and bigger toys. Regardless of what started your interest, it’s vital to see how to develop your and/or your playmates body securely and without creating lasting injury. There are certain processes that must be followed.

Fisting is often a starting point for stretching, where players use gentle stretching techniques to widen the sphincter or vagina to accommodate a clenched fist. The Intelligent Man’s Guide to Handball is a great resource for those who want to learn more about fisting and how to gradually work up to taking fingers, arms, or even objects such as feet. However, it’s important to note that if there is any pain during the process, the body may not be ready for it. Pain can be a sign that something is wrong, but if you are experienced in stretching, you may know your body’s limits and can work towards increasing flexibility over time.

Is Your Ass Ready

Determining if the ass is ready for fisting is simple: if there is pain, it is not ready. However, if you enjoy pain, that is a different story. It is important to be aware that pain may be a sign that something is wrong. It may take months or even a year to figure out your body’s limits if you are into stretching play.

You can begin with the fingers and toes of somebody you trust and after that proceed onward to bigger and bigger anal/vaginal sex toys, continually making a point to reapply lubricant as required. Remember the rectum is not just straight it has twists and turns. If you’re the person fisting you’ll be able to feel this, I do recommend that whatever your sexual preferences are in terms of play, that you engage in both an active and passive role at least once so you know the experience from both sides of the fence. This allows you to fully understand what’s happening and what the other person may be feelling. As for the anal cavity – you have to move accordingly with the bodies nuances not the other way around.

The Joy of Fisting

Many people appreciate the joy that fisting can bring, yet a few aficionados appreciate the extended feeling that accompanies fisting so much that they go onto anal stretching. For this, you’ll need to take it up a score and get some exclusivelly produced sex toys and aids for the specific purpose.   Inflatable dildos, plugs and other inflatable toys are also a lot of fun and perfect for the purpose. Especially if you like the filling sensation stretching brings, yet not necessarily stretching the vaginal/anal entryway. Make sure that you pay attention to the type of toy that you’re getting. Toys for expanding are slightly different to toys for insertion.

They may be comparable, yet extending is about growing/stretching the skin and muscles, and insertion is about filling the cavity. They do at times go together, yet extending can also be about attaching weights to lips and labia, propping open the butt with clips and speculums, and that’s just the beginning….

Anal Stretching

When performed correctly, stretching can lead to a rectal expansion of at least 15 inches. It is important to note that even though there may be some pain, the experience should still be enjoyable. If there is excessive pain, it is a clear indication that you are pushing too hard. It is recommended to take your time and enjoy the process as fisting sessions can last several hours. Additionally, it is crucial to use plenty of lubrication. While water-based lubricants can be used, if there is still discomfort, switching to products like Crisco oil, boy butter, or J-Lube may be necessary.

It is advised to perform a spot check before using these products for vaginal stretching as some women may be sensitive to them.  With Anal extending It is possible to allow for larger toys during anal play, but the body’s muscles will eventually return to their original size within a few hours. If excessive stretching occurs, it may take slightly longer for the muscles to return to normal. As long as no harm is done, the muscles should return to their usual size.

Starting Fist Play

Alright, now we have given a general overview of stretching, fisting and this type of play – let’s get into how to start!

Now that you’ve chosen to get started with some stretch play, you’ll either need to have a a playmate that you trust, or you can do most of the exercises by yourself with a little bit of modification. Lube up and begin with by inserting two fingers in – see how that feels, wriggle them around, move them, extend them and take it slowly and comfortably. Make sure you’re taking full breaths, relax and appreciate the muscles of your sphincter clamping down on the fingers. Give them a squeeze a few times, clench and relax your sphincter muscles.

Remember that you’re warming them up!  When you’ve warmed them up enough, take a deep breath in, relax your sphincter and exhale as you let a third finger joins the other two. Give it a chance to close yet again and truly feel the muscles clamp down. Once the three fingers are in, wriggle them around, move them and make sure you’re not in pain.

Stretching Tips

Feeling fingers extend inside the body is an easy approach to finding how far stretching your sphincter can go. Full and deep breaths relax and are away to allow the muscles to release, so make a point to continue breathing deeply. For partners out there engaging in stretching play, as well as solo stretching, remember to be patient. Impatience won’t help anything and could conceivably stop an otherwise awesome play session.

The wrong move, an unexpected twist, or an impatient thrust isn’t going to go down well and could prompt tears or pain. Remember don’t lose your cool becoming impatient or do something you are not comfortable with. It requires patience and practice to completely relax before and during anal play. Unless the mind is also receptive, the body will struggle. Ensure that the mind is clear before starting any play session.

Slow Stretching

This sort of slow stretching will lead all of you to the path of larger and larger butt plugs/didoes/inflatables until you are fully satisfied. These sex toys are made to bring delight, as well as extend and stretch. Know the difference between a dildo and a plug and remember the difference between their uses. A plug could be used to hold the muscles whilst enjoy and explore other areas of your or your partner’s body. It allows the hands a rest and can be useful in maintaining the muscle stretching as a plug can be worn for an extended time to train the body.

A plug has a a flared end to keep it from entering into the sphincter and to easily remove it from the body. We’ve all heard humorous horror stories about people who go to the emergency room with dildos or gerbils that can’t are stuck their orifices. You may get a snicker out of the stories, yet you’ll be unnerved and upset if it happens to you. Since now you know, go for whatever intrigues you, and remember your own body’s limits.

Anal Play

Its a myth that ladies don’t care for anal play. In fact many ladies also enjoy anal or vaginal stretching whether that be in a passive (receiving) or active (giving) capacity. For the record, serious joy can be had in a lady’s body from anal and vaginal fisting and stretching.   Indeed, when a butt plug is inserted into a female’s ass, it can make the vaginal walls feel tighter, providing increased pleasure for couples.

This goes for any sort of double entry play, as the skin isolating the vagina from the ass is thinner than you may might suspect – with this in mind take care not to be overly rough during double penetration. When she says “harder” feel free to do it, yet remember that there’s piece of silicone sex toy right around the bend!

Sex Toys

There are some awesome sex toys out there made for more long term wear. People that want to stretch the vagina or ass should investigate some of the wearable toys that are intended to stay for extended periods – these can include inflatable butt plug, or a silicone butt plug. We recommend silicone due to its non-porous nature and the ability to repel bacteria great for long term wear.

Another great material to use is stainless steel, both as far as cleanliness and solidness. It’s recommended that these can be worn to parties, work or even out on the town. Just ensure that if you’re taking them to work, that you’re using a piece that can be worn whilst also sitting down! This will potentially avoid any awkward trips to the bathroom to readjust your toy.