Inflatable Dildo

Inflatable Dildo

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The home of sex toys and sexual aides can be a mysterious place. The body is wired to be constantly pushing itself, exploring new sensations and expanding upon its boundaries. It’s no wonder then that people find themselves exploring their sexuality through various sexual acts. Vaginal or anal stretching is one of those acts. The act itself can be done through several ways, progressively using larger toys or objects, fisting, or inflatable sex toys.

Now, the body can take extreme pressure, but it does need to be done safely and slowly. This website will not only look at the world of inflatable sex toys, but also the psychology behind why people constantly seek to push both their minds and their bodies to places that it hasn’t been before. Further, we will explore the safety concerns of the act of vaginal and anal stretching through large toys and inflatable sex toys. Now before you freak out, I’m not saying that the sexual practice is unsafe, however, as with anything it can be done un-safely causing irreparable damage to the body. The old adage stands true, if it hurts – stop.


We will also look at the various kinds of lubricants that you can use when stretching, as well as the benefits of Inflatable sex toys even if you don’t like the idea of stretching. Inflatable sex toys can also be useful in assisting muscle control, even post-surgery, or achieving sexual stimulation in ways not felt before. Think about it, if you have very tight muscle control, you can either:

Inflatable Dildos Australia

A) Train your muscles to be able to handle something large –  even if that’s only a little larger than normal without moving beyond your comfort levels. Maybe you’ve been with a guy that that has a three inch girth and you’re now with a guy that has a 4 inch girth. Inflatable dildos can safely, and painlessly, increase your muscle capacity so that you’re not   in too much pain during sex. We also have a page that will give you some handy tips on how to deal with cocks that are big and you find them painful to have sex with. The techniques from this page will also help you with dealing with big toys.

Now, what are inflatable dildos?

Inflatable dildos are a widespread, adaptable, and versatile sex toy. An inflatable dildo is perfect for the individual who wishes to encounter the sensation of having their vagina or anus totally filled. Inflatable dildos are a helpful device for the act of anal preparation – including for dealing with dicks and toys that are a little larger than usual. It takes into consideration comfortable insertion and afterward the continuous extending of the muscles – it provides a low risk exercise for the muscles can help them cope with extreme situations. Rather than going in cold and sending the muscle into shock, this will provide an easy and safe warm up for the muscles to minimize risk.

An inflatable dildo may be used in the same way as a normal dildo. The difference is self-explanatory – an inflatable dildo can be inflated and pumped up and then used in its engorged state. Aside from this, it’s identical to any other dick toy, dildo, double ender or anything in between. You just pump in a little air, watch it grow and see the change from normal to amazing in a matter of seconds. Now that I type that and think about it, it’s pretty much the exact same principle as watching a cock harden. Interesting.

Inflatable Dildo

Inflatable Dildos

Just like any other insertable sex toy, need to be well lubricated prior to insertion to prevent damage to the delicate internal tissue.  A large portion of the inflatable dildos are produced using elastic and a decent silicone lubricant will help facilitate the process and create some fantastic and delightful moments when playing with this sort of toy. On the off chance that your inflatable dildo has a fleshy, soft and skin like appearance you may need to check the material make-up of the toy. In the event that your inflatable dildo contains silicone, UR3, or some other cyber skin material, you will need to use water based lubricant. In the event that you use a silicone lube on a silicone toy, you risk harm to the toy. Silicone lubricants on solid silicone can cause the silicone to break down or melt. This will damage the toy resulting in it needed to be replaced.

Using an inflatable dildo for your vagina is exceptionally straightforward. Apply a bit of lubricant to the un-inflated dildo, slide it delicately into the vagina, and start pumping the dildo for it to get bigger or until you feel fulfilled or until your hand gets tired, whichever occasion happens first.

If you are not flying solo and you wish to let your playmate decide the amount of dildo pumping you can take, follow the same steps and have your playmate pump the knob that is joined to the inflatable dildo. Just be aware that your sex mate will not be able to tell how much pressure is being applied, so work out a signal for you to use if you desire them to stop inflating. However, they should be taking it quite slow, and watching your face and reactions. Some people cannot read faces or are too distracted in the moment, so it’s best to have a signal ready in case.

Anal Stimulation

Inflatable dildos might likewise be used for anal stimulation. To use them along these lines, you should use a lot of lubricant. You should seriously think about using a lubricant syringe to fill your rectum with the slippery stuff to facilitate the insertion and removal procedure. Anal use of an inflatable dildo needs a little more time and preparation so as not to send the muscles into shock. Unwind the sphincter muscle through a back rub or other exotic stimulation. Place the uninflated and very lubed up inflatable dildo against your ass and gradually and press until it enters you. I

f you feel distress, stop for a minute and relax the muscles, when you feel great, push the inflatable dildo in somewhat more. When you have gotten the dildo inside you sufficiently deep enough to feel fulfilled or if the toy has run out of room, you may start pumping it up until it fills you to the point of ecstasy. You may decide to bring yourself to climax with it full, or you may want to spend some time pumping it up and down. On the off chance that you feel too full or in pain, expel a small amount of the air from the dildo until it is the right size again.

There are a few distinct sorts of inflatable insertable toys available. The inflatable dildo is only one of them – you can get inflatable electro dildos and inflatable plugs. If you decide you enjoy inflatable sex toys – it might be a good idea to grab a few unique sex toys!