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Medical Sex Toys

Medical Sex Toys And Speculum Guide

If you’re not quite up to inflatable dildos, or you are but you want to keep the muscles stretched in between play with Medical Sex Toys.  Or even if BDSM is your “medication” of choice, then adding some medical specialist toys into your sex exercises guarantees an orgasmic high! Not just will the feeling and sensation of being extended improve every single other sensation inside you, it will likewise open you up to a universe of new previously inconceivable outcomes.

If you find yourself liking it, why not try other big toys? Why not fisting or inflatable dildos? Not only can you have the chance to explore those other options but now you can investigate those ‘difficult to reach’ places and give them the consideration, thought and attention that they merit.  Depending on the speculum that you choose, you can even combine the two, with a speculum opening up, and then inserting the inflatable dildo!  Now that is a kinky thought!

Speculum Play

Speculum play is not just an observer sport, but rather it’s imperative that you watch your bottom/playmate at all times and carefully observe for any indications of distress or torment. The last thing you want to do is cause any injury or pain on your playmate. It is vital, with any kind of kinky or extreme play, to understand the limits and the dangers at the beginning of each session and also understand each others limits.

If you are uncertain of what is happening, you need to stop and check in with your playmate. It’s crucial to be screening each others responses. In the beginning, this may seem odd, forced and unnatural but when you’re introducing each other to a new type of play, you need to understand each others reactions to be able to play safely and comfortably. Have a safe word to prevent any accidents happening, and you can use that safe word to immediately disengage from all sexual play.
Even if things seem to be going according to plan.

Doctor Patient Play

In the interest of doctor and patient play, you can use the conversation between client and doctor to work out what’s happening, without necessarily disrupting the play. Before speculum play – you’ll need to use some of the tips in the other pages here to warm up the muscles.

As you most likely are aware, we’re huge adherents that size matters here at inflatable dido’s and keeping this in mind, make certain to begin small! Driving in an overly large speculum in when bottoms aren’t prepared could bring about serious torment and injury, sometimes even tearing. Now, we don’t want to tell you which toys to get, so here are a couple of suggestions for different types of speculums.

Medical Sex Toys

Graves Speculum

Medical Sex Toys
Graves Speculum

A safe choice and well known decision in terms of speculums! Abstain from being in grave peril of an unsuccessful scene, with a speculum like this. The Graves speculum comprises of two wide cutting edges, reminiscent of a duck’s bill and frequently alluded to as being exactly that; in fact it’s affectionately known as a ducks bill speculum, with the lower bladeextending somewhat more than the main one. This allows for exactness and perfect fitting. This instrument guarantees to assist you with burrowing in deep and leave no stone unturned in your cheeky therapeutic play!


  • Wide sharp edges convey quality and backing
  • Adjusted sharp edges and sides for more noteworthy comfort
  • Blades can be easily adjusted, both at the base and top of the gadget
  • Suitable for vaginal and anal examination
  • Lockable
  • Accessible in an assortment of materials


  • Troublesome for use amid solo play, as it generally requires both hands in order to be used
  • Wide sharp edges not suitable for those with thin vaginal/anal dividers

Pederson Speculum

Pederson Speculum

Verging on indistinguishable to the Graves Speculum in outline, the Pederson Speculum has smaller bills, implying that it is as tender as a plume for those with thin vaginal waterways (this can be brought about by traumatic damage or scar tissue or through a bad pregnancy delivery). It is additionally considerably more suitable for anal play, especially for those newbies just starting out. We like to consider it the Graves’ Junior!


  • Smaller than the Graves Speculum, making it a more agreeable choice
  • Accessible in a wide variety of different materials
  • Adjusted edges and sides for more noteworthy solace
  • Edges can be effectively balanced, both at the base and top of the gadget
  • Suitable for vaginal and butt-centric examination
  • Lockable


  • Confined visibility when contrasted and the Graves (because of the thin bills)
  • Troublesome for use amid solo play, as it generally requires both hands

Cusco Speculum


Bottoms may fly high amid a therapeutic play scene; however, it is quite likely to be your Cusco speculum that achieves those sought after and remote areas! It is also similar to the Graves and Pederson speculums, in terms of that the Cusco has bills that open wide and lock into spot. Presently accessible in dispensable and non-dispensable materials, you can pick what will better suit your scene. It can even fold up conveniently for situation on the off chance that you choose to take an excursion some place, like a hotel room, or a partners place


  • Can be collapsed up conveniently for capacity and transportation
  • Adjusted blades for comfort
  • Effectively movable and adjustable – either with a side or focus screw
  • Lockable
  • A standout amongst the most comfortable speculums
  • Suitable for both anal and vaginal examination


  • Poor visibility of vaginal walls because of size
  • Solo play can be troublesome

Speculums can be a lot of fun. Not only are they useful in doctor patient scenarios, but they can also be useful in muscle stretching – in particular when you’re in between inflatable stretching this can be a welcome distraction. Even when you love chocolate cake, you can sometimes have too much chocolate cake.