Why Use An Inflatable Sex Toy

Why Use An Inflatable Sex Toy

Inflatable Sex Toy Uses and Guide

Butt plugs have become widely accepted in recent years as well as the Inflatable Sex Toy. The difference between plugs and dildos is that dildos are shoved into vaginas while butt plugs give anal pleasure. Ideally, butt plugs started as therapeutic devices meant for rectum dilation in the 1900s. Beginners can admit to painful anal sexual experiences because the anus exits poop and not intended for entry.

The anus has nerve endings that can give intense ANAL orgasms if well aroused. However, the anal tissue is easily prone to tear. Besides, anal toys require expert use because they could easily get lost in the anus. The anal sphincter keeps contracting and expanding, which can quickly suck up a toy and lead to bowel complications. It’s safe to use dildos on the vagina because the cervix closes. However, the anal path leads to the rectum which directly connects to the colon. Any mistake could lead to obstruction of the system requiring medical intervention to remove any foreign material.

Inflatable Sex Toy
Expandable Sex Toy

The butt plug comes in handy because it has a base that prevents any further movement once the device fully secures in the anus. Inflatable sex toys are fun and give unimaginable pleasure because they slide in while deflated, then you inflate to the size you feel comfortable while it’s inside. Isn’t it amazing to feel your anal muscles push outwards? Here is why the inflatable butt plugs have become hyped over the years.

Comfortable during sex

A butt plug inside a woman reduces the size of the vaginal canal, making the woman feel tighter and more sensitive. The feeling of tightness gives a male partner more sensation and, eventually, a better climax. Using a solid butt plug makes a sexual encounter uncomfortable because it presses on the tissues which could lead to injury. An inflatable sex toy on the other hand, caves on the inside as the male partner or dildo thrusts inside the vagina. Thus sex becomes more comfortable and enjoyable.

Silent vibrations

Most sex toys make intimidating noise, which very few people like. Butt plugs should remain well secured in the butt and not used for thrusting. Some people even wear their butt plugs every day as they go around their daily activities. The inflatable butt plug has a latex bubble tube that absorbs all the vibrations produced by the motor. Thus, the experience gives pleasure without any noise distractions.

The vibrations from an inflatable sex toy remain a favorite for most men who prefer to have their butts plugged. Most people may not know, but for the male gender, the anus has some sensitive spot located about 3 inches from the butt hole called the prostate. An inflatable butt plug works wonders in soothing the prostate which can make any man ejaculate in minutes leaving his whole body shivering in excitement.

Gives pleasurable pressure

As you squeeze the hand bulb, the inflatable sex toy expands inside the anus, depending on the circumference you want. Ideally, the feeling of “fullness” realized is unimaginable. Since different people can accommodate different sizes, the inflatable plug gives you control to determine your comfort zone.

Safe for the anal sphincter

Anal Fantasy Collection Butt Plug

The delicate anal sphincter easily tears if large solid plugs get inserted. Past the anal sphincter lies some sensitive nerve endings implying that a bigger plug offers more stimulation. Well, the balance between pleasure and injury remains a gamble in such a situation. Expandable butt plugs remain the solution because they don’t strain the anal tissues. Instead, the inflatable sex toy goes into the anus in average size, and then you can increase the girth to feel the nerve endings.


Many men and women have their plugs on 24/7, giving them a feeling of “fullness.” For the men, the excitement keeps them hard at all times. For women, the feeling gives them the intense pleasure that improves general sex even with male partners. A solid plug is uncomfortable to have on the whole day and movement becomes challenging. Besides, the plug requires constant lubrication against which it becomes uncomfortable.

An inflatable sex toy is safe to have on for long hours because they cave in depending on your movement and sitting positions. The plugs don’t feel uncomfortable and cannot injure inner tissues as you go about your daily escapades.

Even though expandable butt plugs were designed for therapeutic purposes, people have innovated other uses for the devices. Butt plugs are fun and give intense orgasms to users whether male or female. Inflatable butt plugs have gained popularity over solid ones because they are flexible, safe, and comfortable to use.

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